Video: henna for hair: dyeing african hair black with henna and indigo

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Description: Using indigo, immediately after dyeing with henna, to dye hair black safely without artificial chemicals.

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I have been using your methods for coloring my hair black for many years. The result is HEALTHY, beautiful hair. No more itchy scalp. Very therapeutic. Thank you.
Henna can't lighten your hair color if it's already naturally dark but it will give you reddish highlights.
We can't tell you much without knowing the brand name and seeing the ingredient list on the package. Generally, we recommend that you avoid most pre-packaged henna preparations because they often contain chemicals or metallic salts and sometimes they contain ingredients that aren't listed on the package. You're safest if you buy good quality henna and indigo from a dealer you trust.
@jessyboo133 We never comment on specific brands of henna because, unless it's been chemically assayed, you can never be certain what's in the package. What we recommend is that you buy your henna from a good dealer who sells pure ground henna with no additives.
Jack A.S.S
@hennapage thank you for your repley appreciated
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