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Description: Camtasia Studio 8: Tutorial of the new Camtasia Studio 7, and overview of the new features, and how to use it. NEW Camtasia Studio 8 is now out, check out the video overview & Tutorial: Download the New Camtasia Version 8: ----------------- ►FOLLOW Me on Twitter!: How I Make Money online-⇓ ➡

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blazor b
is camtasia v 8.3 any better?!?!?!? what should i get 7.0 or 8.3 please reply, help me?
Seif eldeen
how to change the language please answer
navily amen
i get huge file size how to fix what compressor u use?
Alpha Omega
if i was using camtasia for the very first time how would these video help. because every video i have seen no one is smart enough to actually talk about the most important thing about what camtasia is for or about how to record my screen and audio and the audio coming the software i might be wanting show people. all these people just go off to far leaving the basic things and jumping to what was meant for latter. it's patethic humans these day have lost their sense sanity..... i have fcpx adobe premier to do video import and that stuff camtasia is record my screen and show other what am doing withing my computer. but not one person touched this and it's real funny that people are trying to impress others about what they know and leave the main completely out. jesus christ.... sheeple have been dumbed down indeed. there is nothing with basics. because a house without foundation cant even stand. helpppppppp guys.... i need the audio from my DAW studio cubase fl studio to be stereo as is when i render or share the recording i do with camtasia i found none yet even when their titles say how to use camtasia or similar tiltle.....thanks anyone sane one out there to help me....sorry if there are typo graphical errors
Please Contact me ( If you have any Idea on this error I cause same for 8 to: "Error 1335 Cabinet file 'cabs' req. for further installation." More Information: This error was seen at the time where CS 7 is copying new file File: defaultmedia.libzip c:\Programfiles\camtasi\....\library\ Please tell me abt this, And can you tell me what is difference in the camtasia studio 6 & 7 & 8 Camtasia Studio 6 works on my PC.... Please help me...
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